Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why I Haven't Been Blogging

Hey guys, Id like to say Im sorry for not keeping up with blogging a lot, being a Guild Leader on Neverwinter has been taking up some of my time, along with just life stuff. Anyways, Im not sure if Ill be blogging much anymore. You see has given me a nice little spot as a news writer and podcaster an a little PR work there.  I report news with at least 2 or 3 articles a week along with other guys adding their articles in. Every other Wednesday I and 3 other guys do the XP podcast and occasionally I do the Newscast with one other guy. I hope you guys can come on down and join us, or at least read the articles. We have a whole gaming community. Your reading is much appreciated. Also I have a new youtube channel you guys can visit with cool new gaming videos and stuff just visit and please watch my videos, like, comment and subscribe. You can also catch me on my old youtube channel an on . Thank You guys for reading and I hope to see you on and on youtube.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sorry I Havent Been Posting Much

Sorry I havent been posting guys Ive been working in Neverwinter stuff, playing beta and working in the foundry. I hope yall will come play the game, on the 30th. Ill be there playing a ton.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

NOCS Episode 3

NOCS episode 3 is out, I was in it. I slipped up a couple times and it made things funny. Anyway yall can go to to listen.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Neverwinter BW2... We Have Some Issues...

This Post is more focused at Cryptic and the devs.

Ok so although I have loved playing BW2 there are a few things which I believe could cause big problems and possibly failure.

1. If none of yall noticed in BW2 there is a new tutorial before the bridge. In this tutorial you get shipwrecked by a dracolich and wind up on the beach without armor and weapons.

Personally I think this has been overdone. It was done in DDO with a Ice Dragon, it was in Path of Exile, I think WoW did it in a recent expansion, it was in Fantasy Online, and so many more.

Please Cryptic be Original

2. The Zen Store is completely overpriced. I would like to remind you that 100 zen = 1 USD. Many Items are highly overpriced, also the store feels as if it needs more mounts and companions.

So where to start, there are so many issues in this one.

Adventure Pack costs $15. Yah this little adventure pack is $15. Over Priced it should be $5.

5 pack of Mass Cure Serious Scrolls cost $5. Personally I think $2.50 is better
5 pack of Cure Serious Scrolls are $3. I think it should be $1

Champions Greater Glory boost is $10. I believe it should be $5.

Lockbox Keys are $1.25 a piece. Personally I think $1 would be better
10 Pack of Keys costs $11.25. It should be $8.50
I think a permanent key should be available for somewhere around $125.(If you think about it that is the price of 100 individual keys at the current price)

 a Bag of Holding is $6. I believe it should be $5
A Greater Bag of Holding is $10. I think $7

Dyes range from $2-$6.50 and only have 3 or 4(depending on which one) uses. Here I think most of it is all wrong there dyes should cost $5 and have a use of  100 times this will sell a lot more dye bottles.(the same goes for dye packs)

A Noble Finery Clothing Pack costs $12. I think it should be $10

Companions Range from $10-$25. In my opinion these should not go over $15 and Id range them from $3.50 - $15.  I believe there needs to be more companions and some good joke and special companions my ideas for those are
A striker class rabbit that leaps and bites at the enemies
A bard Kobold
A bard that sings about how poorly you do in battle and but also highly degrades your enemies
Ghost of Lady Aribeth
Also a Leader class that uses dice to cast spells named either the Ghost of Gygax or the level 200 Dungeon Master
Also a Chimera would be awesome

Mounts range from $5 - $40. This is outrageous I have never heard of mounts costing $40, I could buy a brand new 3DS game at that price. The mounts should range from $5-$20 with $20 being special ones like armored unicorns or Armored Nightmares. Again I believe more should be added some joke and some just epic awesome mounts.
One of the more joke like mounts could be a man behind you banging coconuts together

3. PMs. This is an issue, i understand trying to prevent spammers and I think it is fair to an extent the way it is (I currently have a founders pack so I dont personally have to deal with it but it will be a problem) I dont know if they have it but if you are a friend with someone you should be able to PM them.

4.The guild restrictions must be removed, barring social features will only lead to anger and for some quitting the game. Remove the level restrictions and having to have a 5 man party crap.

5. Dont make us have to grind or do events over and over to stay up to level with the zone, I found that just doing quest Im always anywhere from 1-5 levels below the enemies. It would be better to add more quests into the questline than make us grind bad guys and events

6. The Servers are crap. The servers are horrible and unstable, crashing and randomly kicking players, causing slow patches for players especially in certain zones and more. You need to work on your servers and fix them.

7.We need to be able to go to the Character selection screen without logging out.

8.Identification Scrolls should not have to be bought with AD either return it to being for normal game currency or do away with it.

9. Either get rid of bounty items or put them in the currency section, not filling up our inventory.

10. We need to be able to tell companions to heal, attack, pull aggro, etc.

These are just a few things you need to do Cryptic. Until most of these are addressed do not even think about launch in-fact Id almost say delay Beta Week 3 until you fix most of these.

Also Cryptic dont do stupid stuff just because Marketing likes it, in the end Marketing are not the ones that will be playing the game and using the Zen store, the players will.

Please address these issues. Also consider my BW1 post.

Thanks for any who read this,


Monday, February 25, 2013

Neverwinter Delay on Drow

Hey guys so I have been reading the Neverwinter Forums a lot today. We have been told that the Drow race, which for a long time has been said would be free at launch, will be delayed for 60 days for exclusivity purposes. What type of exclusivity? Well only a Hero of the North will be allowed to play Drow until the end of the 60 day period. Personally I find this a bad move by marketing. I believe if they are going to add an exclusivity period it should allow Guardian and Hero pack owners to play Drow. I also believe a 30 day period would be better.I find that the current choice will lose potential players which are potential customers.

I will give you the quote here from the FAQ about this issue

What are the specifics surrounding the exclusivity of the Menzoberranzan Renegade Drow that comes with the Hero of the North Founder's Pack?

The Menzo-Renegade look, tattoo, racial background, racial ability, and special companion will remain permanently exclusive to Hero of the North Pack purchases. The vanilla, non-Menzoberranzan Renegade Drow race will be unavailable for at least first 60 days after release. We are currently planning to do a future update that will allow all players will be able to create a regular Drow character.

I will try to see if we can get more info and possibly get vanilla Drow at release.

Well I dont know what else to say about this.

Thanks for reading, dont forget to follow my blog


Friday, February 22, 2013

Neverwinter Mount List

Hey so I have some datamind(not by me) mounts for Neverwinter Online. Here is the info

 Bear Mounts - 5 total, 1 with armor
 9 Different Spider Mounts, 1 Collector Version (only armored one)

Icons_Inventory_Mount_Giantspider_Armored_Collectors <-- Hero of the North Variation








 A ton of horses with a Nightmare Lore Variation

3 Worg Mounts - One Armored

one Panther Mount

So lots of cool mounts will be ingame, Hope you follow my blog


More Races Coming to Neverwinter

Hey guys, so our local dataminer on the forums found some info I think you guys will like, I know I did.

Info has been found for both the Dragonborn race and the Half-Orc race. This is great news, and although it is not an "official" release the Devs did not deny the info. SO Ill give you what I have for each race and let you think things out.

These pics were all that was obtained on the Dragonborn Race

And for Half-Orc  we have this

                                   Half-orcs combine the best qualities of humans and orcs, though some would argue that the good qualities of orcs are few and hard to find. From their orc blood, half-orcs inherit great physica strength and toughness. They are fierce warriors, fleet of foot as they charge into battle.

Well I hope you guys like this and thanks for reading,


Monday, February 18, 2013

Neverwinter Beta Weekend 1 Review

Hi there guys,

As yall may know I participated in Neverwinter Online's  Beta Weekend 1. I have decided to give a little info of what I felt about it.

To start off I only tested the Guardian Fighter. The game starts the same for everyone, you are on the bridge and you must fight your way to the city of Neverwinter. Here you learn most of the basics, attacking, moving, , to use the shift button etc.
After making it into the city you begin to follow a very linear quest line, during this you are still being guided through helping you get-a-hold of the non-traditional  control scheme. Personally I had a little trouble with the controls.
Following the quest line you are brought to different areas in the city of Neverwinter which had been destroyed previously by both problems that occurred in the Spellplague and  the eruption of Mount Hotenow. (Due to this destruction many monsters, evil wizards, bandits, and more have moved in and tried to take over. You must battle these foes to try to push them out of the city.) After a while you get quests that teach you mechanics such as invocation, teach about companions, mounts and more.

Overall the game was quite fun, the action based combat keeps you thinking and makes it a game you cannot just keep in the back of your head while also watching tv. The combat actually reminded me of the Assassin's Creed games how you must actively block and dodge and choose your attacks. It is very fun and interactive.

The quest in the game and quest-lines were very fun. Also the dungeons were interesting normally containing a "boss" at the end of each dungeon.

In Neverwinter I felt very powerful and it was very gratifying to play.

Although some things definitely felt incomplete. For example the fact that Deities and backgrounds didnt really play much of a part except for when RPing. Also the invocation system seems like it should be brought farther and allowing you to give "offerings" that fit your deity so that it can allow you invocation to be more or less pleasing to your deity, which would give more AD when you invoke.

Truly though once you get past the non-traditional controls and figure out how to work the action based combat you become a force to be reckoned with.

They had a system for choosing stats, a tree of feats to choose from which include paragon paths, also there is use of skills although, I believe skills should be used for more than they currently are used for, but I cant say exactly how.

The social system needed a few fixes, but from what I understand, that is already underway.

Overall it was very fun and reminded me of DnD a lot of DnD but felt incomplete,this makes since though as it is beta.

I plan on streaming the next beta weekend on, also I recently got a lot of good info while I was on the NOCS, to listen to it you can go to this link.

Thanks for reading, I hope you are willing to follow my blog,


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NOCS Podcast Episode 2

Hey guys episode to of the NOCS is done. We had a great time making this with
SENIOR ENVIRONMENT ARTIST Mike Apolis AKA Crypticmapolis   and


and last but definitely not least

COO of Cryptic Studios and Executive Producer of Neverwinter Online.

AandretheGiant and I had tons of fun. We had good question. Fountains of info new an old.

It started out with Aandre and I just talking with Mike after a about 30 minutes with him Andy came on and during that we got about 15 minutes with Craig and ended up with nearly 45 minutes with Andy, and also had the Lead Designer walk in and listen to us. Afterwards we had about another 30 minutes with Mike.

It was super fun I loved Aandre loved it and  Mike, Andy, and Craig loved it. I hope you guys love it and please listen to the the new episode.

You can download it from dropbox here.

I hope you love it.

Talk with you guys later,

Monday, February 11, 2013


Hey guys, just finished recording the NOCS podcast with AandretheGiant. We have one Mystery Guest and one Surprise Mystery Guest. We will have it done in a couple days. This Contains Great Info on Neverwinter Online.  Although it is not out yet you may quench your thirst for Neverwinter info by listening to the first episode of the podcast,  and joining the Neverwinter Forums. 

This was a special interview and my first to give to any game related person. I am sure you guys will love it, feel free to keep up with the podcast. also feel free to follow my blog.
I will have more info when possible,